For a better quality of life.
Treatment up to three minutes facilitates the following physiological and psychological processes in the body:

  • Positive anti-aging eect through rejuvenation processes and tissue recovery
  • Increased collagen production for a noticeably smoother and rmer skin
  • Positive eect on problematic areas (e.g. with cellulite, acne, and many more)
  • Activation of hormone production and boost of metabolism
  • Increase of energy level
  • Weight reduction through increased caloric requirements
  • Increase of testosterone level (in men)
  • Release of endorphins, mood elevation and boost of well-being
  • Positive impact on mental disorders
  • Improvement of falling asleep and sleep quality
  • Activation of libido
  • Improvement of immune system activity

Make use of your body’s natural reactions to extreme, short-time cooling – for your well-being!