To increase physical and intellectual performance. With whole-body cryotherapy, you increase physical and mental performance and simultaneously reduce the risk of injury. Through whole-body treatments, you reach all muscle function chains. Peak performance can only be reached without injury if fascial stability and dynamics prevail throughout the entire musculoskeletal system.
Treatment up to three minutes facilitates the following physiological and psychological processes in the body having an impact on performance:

  •  Improvement of the cognitive and physiological provision of performance,
  • Accelerates recovery and regeneration processes after overloads and injuries (also of the fasciae),
  • Facilitates therapies to reduce hypertension in the muscular system,
  • Increases the energy level and improves sleep quality,
  • Pain relief with concomitant anti-inammatory eect (analgesic eect and anti-swelling eect),
  • Increase of serum beta-endorphins, noradrenalin, adrenalin and testosterone,
  • Increase of testosterone level in men (with concurrent positive reduction of estrogens),
  • Improvement of immune system activity,
  • Can lead to a reduction of performance-related “fear of failure” at the crucial moment,
  • Positive anti-oxidative eect on the whole body, thus preventing overacidication.

Conceptualized by entrepreneur brothers Adrian Brzozka (several times Polish champion) and Piotr Brzozka (Olympic athlete, two-time vice world champion and several times Polish champion) for maximum performance in sports and business.