Accelerates recovery and regeneration processes. Treatment up to three minutes facilitates the following physiological and psychological healing processes in the body:

  • Activation of hormone production (mood elevation, enhanced sleeping quality and energy budget,
    activation of libido, reduction of anxiety disorders and motoric hyperactivity),
  • Positive impact on mental disorders (e.g. depression),
  • Increase of testosterone level in men (with concurrent positive reduction of estrogens),
  • Improvement of the immune system,
  • Positive impact on autoimmune disorders,
  • Reduction of cholesterol level (signicant reduction of LDL/increase of HDL),
  • Pain relief, anti-inammatory effect and anti-swelling effect,
  • Enhances the effect of many orthopedic therapies (e.g. for rheumatism, back pain, and many more),
  • Accelerates recovery and regeneration processes after overloads and injuries,
  • Facilitates the rejuvenation process and tissue recovery (increased collagen production).

Hence, the whole-body cryotherapy is the first choice of non-invasive therapy solutions worldwide
CryoSpace® Med has obtained medical certication by TÜV Rheinland, thus guaranteeing the highest safety level for the user and enabling medical use in clinics, rehab clinics, doctor’s offices, physiotherapy practices, and many more.